Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST)-Department of Process Engineering and Technology of Polymer and Carbonaceous Materials consists of 16 academic staff. In the field of polymer science, the area of expertise is related to membranes and adsorbents materials, synthesis of new and modification of existing polymers and new separation processes.

AGH-University of Science and Technology (AGH)-Department of Fossil Fuels (DFF) are positioned in the structure of the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environment Protection. The staff of DFF consists of 30 academic. In the the field of the SUSTAINABLE WATER AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT focuses on the rational and efficient use of water resources in the raw materials and energy context, with a particular emphasis on geothermal waters.

Ege University (EGE)-Chemical Engineering Department accounts 42 academics and more than 600 students. The scientific team at EGE was involved to the projects on water and wastewater treatment by ion exchange, adsorption, and membrane technologies.

Team leaders


Prof. Joanna Wolska, PhD DSc
Dr Piotr Cyganowski, Assist. Prof., PhD
Dr Katarzyna Smolińska-Kempisty, Assist. Prof., PhD
Dr Anna Siekierka, PhD

Leszek Pająk, Assoc.Prof. Dr
Ewa Kmiecik, Assoc.Prof. Dr
Anna Sowiżdżał, Assoc.Prof. Dr
Marta Dendys, PhD
Michał Kaczmarczyk, PhD
Magdalena Tyszer, PhD
Anna Chmielowska, PhD

Müşerref Arda, Prof. Dr.
Mithat Yüksel, Prof. Dr.
Enver Guler, Assoc. Prof.Dr.