Geotherm project

Polish-Turkish bilateral projects, launched by the  National  Centre  for  Research  and  Development,  Poland  (NCBR)  and  the  Scientific  and Technological  Research  Council  of  Turkey  (TÜBiTAK) aim  to  strengthen  and  develop scientific  and  technological  co-operation  of  the  two  countries  on  the  basis  of  equality  and mutual benefit.

As a part of these efforts we have developed project GEOTHERM

The objective of this project is to clean geothermal water before discharging it to underground and also extraction of energy created by mixing of effluents with various salinities. Geothermal fluids may contain high levels of such toxic elements as arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, iron, zinc, manganese and boron. If the used brine is released into surface aquifires, these elements can damage aquatic life. For this reason, the partners have developed several methods, based on the sorption-membrane filtration method as well as RED and CAPMIX methods for the elimitation of toxic elements and harvesting the energy from salinity gradient, respectively.


21 listopada, 2019


We are happy to announce that the project's results were presented on 6th MEMTEK International Symposium on Membrane Technologies and Applications
22 października, 2019

Internship of Turkish students at WUST

We sincerely welcome three students from EGE University who will carry out a short internship at WUST  
28 września, 2019

September’s 2019 meetings

The Geotherm project was brought to international meetings in Warsaw and Buenos Aires